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What we've identified

By seeking a flexible Industry Partner able to engage the market for best of breed capability, the Commonwealth clearly recognises the risks of premature technology decisions. Team SABRE is not offering a proprietary ISS.

Team SABRE will use collective knowledge, technical skill, resources and global expertise in Integrated Soldier Systems, Robotic Autonomous Platforms and complex Australian Defence programs to deliver a sovereign ISS capability.

Taking the lessons learned from Safran, and combining it with BAE Systems and Nova Systems Australian supply chain base, Team SABRE is best placed to seek out the most innovative input from industry. 

The ISS program has been established for continual growth and improvements through the life-cycle. Team SABRE will continuously invest in identifying and implementing the next technological advancement to enhance the Australian Soldier’s capability and seek opportunities for new markets and industry input and Team SABRE.

Case study: BAE - TAS-DCRC – Developing Autonomous Signature Management for RAPs

BAE Systems has more than 30 years experience in developing and delivering autonomous systems in Australia. 

As the Industry Lead for Land Autonomy within the Defence Collaborative Research Centre for Trusted Autonomous Systems (TAS-DCRC), BAE Systems is leading the TAGVIEW project. 

This project will demonstrate autonomy capability in an EW application, involving a vehicle that is able to relocate itself when required to best detect and disrupt an adversary’s RF communications, sensors, and effectors.  The vehicle will manage its own assets (including communications, sensors and effectors) and manage its RF signature to increase its own and other networked assets survivability, and to protect and maintain own-force communication networks.

This technology development performed collaboratively with DSTG, the University of Melbourne and the University of Adelaide will advance the state of the art for autonomous signature management. BAE Systems will work with Army to apply and further evolve this technology for RAPs under the ISS program.

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