Optimal Sovereign solutions

A trusted partner

The Commonwealth needs a trusted partner that has the level of experience and the capability and solutions focus to draw upon. Team SABRE has come together to capitalise on the strengths each partner has to offer. 

Establishing a resilient supply chain and strong sovereign Defence industry is critical to achieving Army’s mission. 

In delivering on this complex program, Team SABRE will be further contributing to national supply chain resilience and local capability expansion including the Sovereign Industrial Capability Priorities (SICP) for Combat Clothing Survivability and Signature Reduction Technologies and Test, Evaluation, Certification and Systems Assurance.  

Team SABRE will use our collective knowledge, technical skill, resources (human and infrastructure) and global expertise in Integrated Soldier Systems, Robotic Autonomous Platforms, and complex Australian Defence programs to deliver a sovereign capability.

Case study: Nova Systems – Test and Evaluation

Nova Systems’ foundation and core competency is in the Test and Evaluation (T&E) domain, alongside its related capabilities of certification and systems assurance. As the largest Australian-owned and operated Defence engineering services company, Nova Systems continues to provide a truly sovereign industrial capability to the ADF and Defence industry in the critical test and evaluation priority in all five operating domains and across all facets of the Capability Life Cycle. Nova Systems’ advantage is as a trusted and credible adviser to Defence, which is product/OEM/Supplier agnostic, and offers truly independent advice.

As a member of the Sovereign Industrial Capability Priorities (SICP) Implementation Working Group for Test, Evaluation, Certification and Systems Assurance, Nova Systems is contributing to national resilience and security.

This will benefit the Commonwealth by engaging with an Industry Partner able to independently and critically assess and assure the ADF’s sovereign capabilities, without recourse to another foreign.

Nova Systems has deep knowledge of regulations and policy around T&E, certification and safety and assurance. With many of their consultants being ex-Defence members or Active Reservists, Nova Systems will support Team SABRE with an inherent understanding of end-user needs and the wider Defence mission and understand the complexity of integration and interoperability across ADF platforms through operations, acquisition and sustainment.

As a global business, Nova Systems specialist T&E and systems assurance skills and experience have also been exported overseas to markets in New Zealand, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. For example, Nova Systems has developed proprietary software tools to improve the execution of T&E activities, such as the Requirements Assurance & Validation Suite (RAVS) tool. RAVS features include both requirements and test program management, enabling comprehensive requirements traceability and effective test program planning, conduct and reporting.

Collaboration in action